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A Fishing Experience on the Hebridean Isle of Harris

Solitary fisherman casting into the sound of Harris

The Harris coastline offers a variety of different fishing locations, from deep rocky points where Pollack patrol looking for unsuspecting prey to ambush and shoals of Mackerel chase underwater swarms of bait fish.

There are the flat sandy surf beaches, where Dabs, Flounders and Plaice hunt for worms and crabs, and the angler is mesmerised by the rod tip, as each wave makes it twitch, waiting and watching for a fish tempted by a baited hook. Fishing in Harris makes you appreciate the beauty of the Western Isles, or the Outer Hebrides as they are also known.

Imagine yourself fishing from a rocky outcrop, surrounded by silence, only interrupted by the sound of the gentle waves. The scenery is spectacular, the sun setting across the Sound of Harris, and suddenly, WHAM! You feel it, the tension,  something solid hits your bait deep in the depths, your rod arches over...

This is a Hebridean Fishing Experience!

Fishing Groups

Fishing with friends or family

Enjoy a day out fishing with friends or introduce the kids to fishing! Take in the spectacular scenery and wildlife from Puffins to Baskin Sharks. A real treat and a lifetime experience.

Sea Angler Safari

Guided Angling

Angling trips tailored to your requests, in pursuit of  Cod, Cuckoo Wrasse, Pollack, and Mackerel!